Website / Email / DNS Management

This is your Control Panel login. Once signed in you will have access to tools for building your website, administering your email, and configuring your DNS. Please login to the left.

Online Email Access

Use the fields to the left to sign into your email online. Here you can access your messages where ever you are. All you have to have is internet access.

Online Fax to Email Access

Away from your work computer but still need to send a fax? This is the place for you! Sign in with your fax number and password.

Email Setup - Outlook Express

Step 1 - Tools

Open Outlook Express. If this is your first time using this program, a setup wizard will appear to help you setup your email account. If you do not see a setup wizard, click Tools on the top menu and then select Accounts. Click on the Mail tab at the top and click Add, then Mail.

Email Step 1

Step 2 - Setup Wizard

In the setup wizard, fill-in your Display Name. This is the name others will see when you email them. Click Next.

Email Step 2

Step 3 - E-mail Address

Fill-in your full email address in the E-mail address field and click Next

Email Step 3

Step 4 - Server Settings

On the E-mail Server Names screen, fill in the Incoming and Outgoing server names and click Next.

Use the image and chart below for the correct server names.

Server Settings
Incoming Server (POP)
Incoming Server (IMAP)
Outgoing Server (SMTP)
Incoming Server (SSL)
Outgoing Server (SSL)
UsernameYour entire email address
PasswordYour email address password

Email Step 4

Step 5 - Login Info.

Fill in your Account name and Password. Make sure the Account name is your full email address.

Email Step 5

Step 6 - Finish

Click the Finish button to finish setting up your account.

Email Step 6

Step 7 - Internet Accounts

You will now be at the Internet Accounts screen. Select your mail account that was just setup and click Properties.

Email Step 7

Step 8 - Servers Tab

Click the Servers tab at the top. Now, under Outgoing Mail Server, check the option for My server requires authentication.

Email Step 8

Step 9 - Advanced Tab

Click the Advanced tab at the top. Make sure the server port numbers for the Outgoing (SMTP) and Incoming mail servers match the settings below.

Default Port Settings
Incoming Server110
Outgoing Server25
IMAP Port Settings
Incoming Server143
Outgoing Server25
SSL Port Settings
Incoming Server995
Outgoing Server465

Note: Outgoing port of 1025 can be used if your service provider blocks port 25.

Email Step 9

Step 10 - Apply

Click the Apply and then OK button at the bottom. Your mail account is now setup. You may try to send and receive email.