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This is your Online Presence Platform login. Once signed in you will have access to tools for building your website, administering your email, and configuring your DNS. Please login to the left.

Online Email Access

Use the fields to the left to sign into your email online. Here you can access your messages where ever you are. All you have to have is internet access.

Online Fax to Email Access

Away from your office but still need to send a fax? This is the place for you! Sign in with your fax number and password.

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    Online Presence Builder

  • Does the Online Presence Builder cost extra or affect my billing?

    Absolutely not. Online Presence Builder and other updates will have no impact on your bill. They are automatically included in your current hosting package beginning November 12.

  • Why don't I see the new Online Presence Builder in my account?

    Online Presence Builder will be available to Windstream customers with a website hosting package. If you are not a hosting customer, visit to see hosting package options or call 1-866-957-1230 for more information.

  • Do these changes impact my current website?

    No. Your existing website will not change or be affected. When you launch a new website with Online Presence Builder, your fresh, new website will replace your existing one.

  • How do I use the new Online Presence Builder?

    Online Presence Builder was built with you in mind. First, select a new design from a selection of brand new, stylish designs created by professionals (and remember you can change your design at any time). Customizing your site is as easy as dragging and dropping your elements onto the page. Just pick your element, for example a heading, text or image, place it on the page, and double-click to edit - what you see is what you get.

  • Do I need to build a separate mobile site with the Online Presence Builder?

    Online Presence Builder automatically makes your site look great on every device: desktop, mobile or tablet. There's no need for you to spend the time in developing a separate, mobile-friendly site. Your website will automatically adapt to the device your visitors are using, with the important details front and center-the designs were built using 'responsive design'. When designing and editing your website, you can preview how it looks on a desktop, tablet or mobile view.

  • Can I change my design once I select it?

    Yes, you can change your design at any time. Select 'Design' in the tool to view the available designs. You also have the option to preview how existing content will look with the new design before making the change.

  • Can I transfer my existing website to the new Online Presence Builder?

    Not at this time. We built the new Online Presence Builder with fresh new designs that are SEO-friendly.

    Once you pick your template, you can easily copy and paste text and upload your existing images into the new builder. You might take this opportunity to refresh your content and make sure your details are up-to-date. You'll have fantastic, new site when you're done.

  • Online Presence Platform

  • What upgrades have been made to my Control Panel and management tools?

    Your Control Panel where you manage your Windstream services has been upgraded to Online Presence Platform. This upgrade includes a new look-and-feel, and easier navigation to everything you need to manage your website and other services.

    To take a tour of your new Online Presence Platform, log-in beginning November 12 at with your username (domain or email) and password.

  • Where can I access my Online Presence Platform and Online Presence Builder?

    Beginning November 12, log-in at with your username (domain or email) and password.

  • Where can I reset my log-in password?

    Beginning November 12, visit and provide your username (domain or email). If you need to reset your password, select the 'Forgot password?' option and enter your username. A link to reset your password will be emailed. Once logged in, you can edit your username, email address, password and other details in your account settings.

  • Where can I set up my email addresses?

    Select Apps and then launch the 'EasyMail Setup' to create a new email account or manage an existing email address.

  • How do I check my email?

    There's a variety of ways you can access your mail – through Windstream webmail on your desktop or mobile devices, through a desktop email client (like Microsoft Outlook or Mac Mail), or through an email client on your mobile devices.

    You will be able to access webmail the same way you do today. If you need detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to setup your email in an email client, open up the EasyMailSetup in the Apps section, click launch and select 'Help' in the top right side of the window.