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  • What IP addresses need to be allowed in my firewall?
    Open TCP ports 389 if you intend to use LDAP lookups
    Open TCP ports 80, 443, 3128, and 8080 to the following IPs:
  • Why won't the DWP automatically resolve a user name and password?
  • What does this web page popup mean?: 'You are connecting from a location that requires you to logon.'

    This message usually means that the DWP was unable to resolve the user name and password for the user. For more information on troubleshooting tips, see Why won't the DWP automatically resolve a user name and password?.

  • I already have the Internet Explorer plug-in version 1.0 installed. Do I still need it?

    No. DWP replaces the Internet Explorer plug-in. After you install DWP, uninstall the Internet Explorer plug-in using the Add/ Remove programs console in Windows.

  • Why do I occasionally see the notification, 'Connecting to the Internet Directly' when connection to the Web Security Service isn't available?

    You see this message if the Dynamic Hotspot Management option is set in the DWP System Configurations menu, and your browser is blocked by a hotspot. Dynamic Hot Spot Management enables mobile users to be redirected temporarily to a hotspot provider's sign-up page to enter billing information. When billing or sign-up is complete, the connection is routed through the Web Security Service again. You might also see this message if no network is available when you turn on your computer. The Dynamic Hotspot Management option should only be enabled on computers that are used for mobile access.

  • How do I enable the DWP to work for dial-up connections and VPNs?

    In Internet Explorer:

    • Open the Tools menu, select Internet Options, and open the Connections tab.
      The text box labeled Dial-up and Virtual Private Network Settings lists additional connections.
    • Select the connection on which to enable DWP and click Settings.
      A dialog displays where you can configure the DWP proxy settings, which are usually the address localhost and the port number 3128.
  • Does the DWP support Fast User Switching on Windows XP?

    Yes, DWP supports Fast User Switching.