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Easy Mail Setup Wizard

An easy-to-use administrative interface for all business-class email, Easy Mail is a domain-based email account management and configuration tool. Easy Mail makes it simple for administrators to set-up, change, or delete email accounts.

Easy Mail Features
Manage all aspects of your mail set up. This tool gives you the power to create, delete, and change a regular mail account; view existing mail accounts and passwords; forward email accounts.
Create as many email addresses for your mailbox as you like that do not have a physical mailbox on the system, allowing incoming emails to automatically forward to a master email address.
Auto Responder
Out of the office? Create a custom message that automatically notifies all or certain email addresses arriving to your mailbox.
Catch-all Accounts
Redirect improperly addressed email sent to your domain to a catch-all email address. For example, john* would receive any email starting with john. To capture all email going to a domain name, you would setup *
Easily send email on to other people within your group or on to an external account.
Message Rules
Filter and control how your email is delivered regardless of where you access your mailbox.
POP, SMTP, and IMAP Branding
You have the option to use our server information or to brand our servers under your domain name.
Spam Filtering
You have total control of your spam filter to prevent unsolicited email from reaching your mailbox. Advanced options including whitelists, blacklists, filter sensitivity, and filter action make it easy to eliminate spam.
Virus Scanning
Automatically scans incoming email file attachments such as documents, spreadsheets, zip files, presentations, executable files, and others to protect you from viruses.