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Intro Hosting Package

Welcome to your Windstream Hosting Service!

We are pleased you have chosen us as your solutions provider to help your business become even more successful. We recognize your time is valuable, which is why we created easy to follow instructions to setup your services quickly, as well as explain the features and options available with your solution.

You should have received a welcome email containing your Domain and Password, which you will need to setup your services. If you do not have your welcome email, please call us at 800.316.4581, option 1. We are happy to email you another welcome email containing your Domain and Password.

Thanks again for choosing Windstream as your hosting solution provider.

Domain Names


If Windstream will be hosting your DNS and you did not purchase your Domain Name from Windstream, or are moving your domain to Windstream from another provider, you will have to update the name servers for your domain. To accomplish this, work with your old provider or the company you purchased the Domain Name from and have the Name Servers updated to the Name Servers listed below:

Please Note:

You may not have email access for 24 to 48 hours once this is complete.

Accessing Your Online Presence Platform

Your hosting service has an Online Presence Platform, an interface allowing you to access, maintain, and monitor your hosting service.

To access the Online Presence Platform:

  • Click on the black Login tab at the top of this page.
  • Use the Domain and Password provided to you in your welcome email to login to the 'Online Presence Platform'.

Once logged in, you will find many useful tools for your hosting service along with a detailed help menu for each function of the Online Presence Platform. To access the help menu for each functionality, click the '?' button located on the top right corner of each window.

Special Instructions:
If you are hosting your email with Windstream and using a Third Party Spam Filter for your Email, you will need to add in the following TEXT record in your DNS Manager:

  • Name: mxok
  • Type: TXT
  • Value: key=bXgxYzI4LmNhcnJpZXJ6b25lLmNvbQ==

Once propagated, your new record should reflect the following:
  • IN TXT 'key=bXgxYzI4LmNhcnJpZXJ6b25lLmNvbQ=='

EasyMail Setup (Email Setup)

Your email accounts are managed through the website Online Presence Platform. To create your new email accounts, please go to the below link for instructions:

Homepage Naming Conventions

The first page should be named either index.htm, index.html, index.shtml, index.phtml, index.php, index.wml, or index.php3. The server will return the first index file it finds, regardless of any other files you have. Therefore, it is best to keep only one index file in your public directory to avoid confusion. If your package does not include scripting, your page must be named index.htm or index.html. Subsequent pages may be named whatever you wish, but the primary page must be named this way.

Please Note:

It is standard industry policy to label all of your pages in lower case text (for example, index.html is better than Index.html).

Uploading Files Using FTP

If you have an existing website and would like to move it to our servers, please follow the instructions below to FTP into our server. An FTP client, such as Filezilla is used to connect your computer to our servers.

Important Notes:

You must have a copy of your website. If you do not have a copy of your website, you may need to contact your former provider.

Verify that you have an FTP client installed on your computer. If you do not have an FTP client or you are not sure if you have one, you can download a free copy of Filezilla HERE.

FTP Client Info
Host Name / Address (your domain name)
User Name (your domain name)
The password from your Welcome Letter

To upload your site before the DNS propagates use the following information:

FTP Client Info
Host Name / Address
User Name (your domain name)
The password from your Welcome Letter

Once connected, move your site content to the public folder. This would include any web pages, pictures, PDF documents, etc.

Support Information

Should you require assistance or have questions, please contact Domain Services Support at 800.316.4581 or email